Scientology: Clinton’s Cult Lobbyist?

Bill Clinton Steven Spielberg Tom Cruise

Steven Spielberg, Bill Clinton and Tom Cruise

Scientology has a lengthy history of working with the Clintons, having funded election campaigns of both Bill and Hillary.   Several Scientology Hollywood players funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign with over $70,000.  Tom Cruise presented Al Gore with $5000.  John Travolta, along with other Scientology members, arranged a gala to raise funds for the Democrats.  The entry fee?  $25,000.

Yet, Scientology and wealthy Hollywood players don’t give money away for free without something in return.  So right after Bill Clinton was elected in 1993, Scientology gained a tax-exempt status, registering as a religion, something the IRS had refused them for decades.

The New York Times reported on March 9, 1997: “The full story of the turnabout by the IRS has remained hidden behind taxpayer privacy laws for nearly four years. But an examination by The New York Times found that the exemption followed a series of unusual internal IRS actions that came after an extraordinary campaign orchestrated by Scientology against the agency and people who work there.”

Cruise lobbied Clinton at every opportunity.  He met him for dinner at the Hollywood homes of director Steven Spielberg and producer David Geffen. He called him numerous times at his Foundation office in Harlem, New York, to work out the most effective strategy to overturn a 1967 IRS ruling that Scientology was not a charity and was not eligible for tax breaks.

In February 12, 1998, The New York Post released the following article:



“John Travolta says President Clinton offered to help him with a pet project – getting Scientology accepted as a religion in Germany – just as he was about to play a character based on the president.

 Travolta was manipulated as part of Clinton’s campaign to soften his fictional alter-ego’s image in the upcoming movie “Primary Colors,” George magazine charges in its March issue.

The movie is based on Joe Klein’s best-selling novel about a lying, womanizing Southern governor – modeled on Clinton – who is running for president. George says the final product, set for release next month, is far more sympathetic to “Clinton” than is the book.

 “You have to be dead not see that the film favors Clinton,” admitted Travolta, who gained 20 pounds and streaked his hair gray to look presidential in the film.

 “The script was always kind to him. We’re talking about kind to a character, but indirectly we’re talking about kind to the president.

 “More than anything, it promotes what a decent person he is.”

 Travolta told writer Josh Young that just before “Primary Colors” went before the cameras last April, the actor was in Washington to promote Scientology – a controversial belief Travolta and scores of other

Hollywood types embrace.

“The next day, I met with Clinton,” Travolta told George.

 “He told me: “Your program sounds great. More than that, I’d really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology.'”

 Clinton was referring to Germany’s refusal to register Scientology as a religion because the government considers it a radical cult that cheats members out of their life savings – an allegation that Scientologists vehemently deny.

 “I was waiting for the seduction that I had heard so much about. I thought, “Well, how could he ever seduce me?'” Travolta recalled. “And after we talked, I thought, “Bingo!’ He did it. Scientology is the one issue that really matters to me.”

For Travolta, Clinton reportedly went to the extraordinary length of assigning National Security Adviser Sandy Berger to be the Administration’s Scientology point man.

 Berger briefed Travolta in the same manner he would a senior senator, George reports.

A White House official said last night, “it is perfectly normal and logical” for Berger to get involved in the Scientology issue because “it is in the general area of human rights concerns and this is something we have raised with the German government.”

 In November, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright met with German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel – and urged him to stop being intolerant toward Scientologists.

 Clinton not only managed to charm Travolta – but director Mike Nichols and co-star Billy Bob Thornton were equally awed by him, George reports.

Nichols – who with his wife, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, were on the president’s A-list for summer barbecues on Martha’s Vineyard – said through “Primary Colors” he’s trying to make moviegoers understand the nature of infidelity.

“A passion for people is expressed sexually too,” he says.

 Thornton, the Arkansas author and star of the hit “Sling Blade,” took the role of Richard Jennons – modeled on Clinton adviser James Carville – only after the president OK’d it.

“It’s a great role, and somebody’s gonna do it, so it might as well be Billy Bob,” Clinton told his friend, producer Harry Thomason, George reports – and Thomason passed the word to Thornton.”

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David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, met with the Commissioner of the IRS to initiate an objective tax-exemption procedure in 1991.  For the next two years the IRS conducted an in-depth investigation of Scientology. After Bill Clinton became the US President in 1993, in October of 1993, the IRS gave Scientology tax-exempt status as a recognized church in the United States.

On the basis of the IRS ruling, the State Department formally criticized Germany for discriminating against Scientologists. The German government classifies Scientology as a business, not a tax-exempt religion.  This mirrors the very same position maintained for 25 years by the U.S. government, until Bill Clinton came on the scene.

The Daily Caller, reported on June 21, 2015, that Hillary and, to some extent, Bill Clinton, had some ties with the Scientology. The Daily Caller’s report details how Greg Mitchell, the head of a lobbying firm called The Mitchell Firm and also a Scientologist, lobbied the Hillary Clinton State Department to enlist its support for encouraging religious freedom in foreign countries, such as Germany.

Actor Tom Cruise, along with former President Bill Clinton, urged British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to overturn a ruling refusing Scientology’s charity status in Britain.  President Clinton went so far as to suggest that Tom approach Cherie Blair for help, since she was a lawyer and could understand more clearly why Scientology should be classified and allowed to register as a religion.

Former Scientology “second in command”, Marty Rathbun, appeared on German TV and described sitting in a room at the Scientology base in Clearwater, Florida in 2003, along with Tom Cruise, to call former President Clinton many times.  Rathbun, who was the Inspector General of the Religious Technology Centre until 2004, stated that he would personally perform audits on Cruise.

Rathbun further stated that Tom Cruise and former President Clinton where involved in raising funds for the Clinton Foundation charity and spoke many times on how best to lobby the British Prime Minister and his wife so that they could use their influence to change Scientology’s charity tax status in Britain.  Rathbun later went on to participate in a two hour deposition regarding the inner workings of Scientology.

The United States Constitution grants citizens both freedom of religion and separation of church and state.  America has a long history of using churches to funnel lobbying money under tax exempt status.  As a result, the lines between Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State have been grossly blurred.

In the 1950’s, the US government added ‘In God We Trust” on monies and federal organizations as well as entered it into their Pledge of Allegiance, violating their own Constitution.  Yet, in a country which was primarily Christian at the time, the citizens did not rally cry against that violation.  Now, almost 70 years later, the country has a great dilemma on its hands as the truth about its political criminal dealings become uncovered.

As America has become one of the most diverse countries in the world in regards to religion, it allows for the lobbying of religions for politicians, allows for religion to override child neglect and murder, as in the cases in Idaho, where parents prefer to pray for their children, as opposed to seeking medical care for them.   The question remains if Americans will begin to stand up and exercise their right to demand that their Constitution be properly upheld.

Karen Donovan, freelance writer


From The Sand Pit

From a Recon Marine in Afghanistan:

From the Sand Pit

It’s freezing here. I’m sitting on hard cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains, along the Dar’yoi Pamir River, watching a hole that leads to a tunnel that leads to a cave. Stake out, my friend, and no pizza delivery for thousands of miles.

I also glance at the area around my ass every ten to fifteen seconds to avoid another scorpion sting. I’ve actually given up battling the chiggers and sand fleas, but the scorpions give a jolt like a cattle prod. Hurts like a bastard. The antidote tastes like transmission fluid, but God bless the Marine Corps for the five vials of it in my pack. The one truth the Taliban cannot escape is that, believe it or not, they are human beings, which means they have to eat food and drink water. That requires couriers and that’s where an old bounty hunter like me comes in handy.

I track the couriers, locate the tunnel entrances and storage facilities, type the info into the hand held, and shoot the coordinates up to the satellite link that tells the air commanders where to drop the hardware We bash some heads for a while, and then I track and record the new movement. It’s all about intelligence. We haven’t even brought in the snipers yet. These scurrying rats have no idea what they’re in for. We are but days away from cutting off supply lines and allowing the eradication to begin. But you know me; I’m a romantic. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This country blows, man. It’s not even a country. There are no roads, there’s no infrastructure, there’s no government.

This is an inhospitable, rock-pit shit-hole ruled by eleventh century warring tribes. There are no jobs here like we know jobs. Afghanistan offers only two ways for a man to support his family, join the opium trade or join the army. That’s it. Those are your options. Oh, I forgot, you can also live in a refugee camp and eat plum-sweetened, crushed beetle paste and squirt mud like a goose with stomach flu, if that’s your idea of a party. But the smell alone of those ‘tent cities of the walking dead’ is enough to hurl you into the poppy fields to cheerfully scrape bulbs for eighteen hours a day.

I’ve been living with these Tajiks and Uzbeks, and Turkmen and even a couple of Pashtu’s, for over a month-and-a-half now, and this much I can say for sure: These guys, are Huns, actual, living Huns. They LIVE to fight. It’s what they do. It’s ALL they do. They have no respect for anything; not for themselves, their families, or for each other. They claw at one another as a way of life. They play polo with dead calves and force their five-year-old sons into human cockfights to defend the family honor. Just Huns, roaming packs of savage, heartless beasts who feed on each other’s barbarism. Cavemen with AK-47’s. Then again, maybe I’m just a cranky young bastard.

I’m freezing my ass off on this stupid hill because my lap warmer is running out of juice, and I can’t recharge it until the sun comes up in a few hours. Oh yeah! You like to write letters, right? Do me a favor, Bizarre. Write a letter to CNN and tell Wolf and Anderson and that awful, sneering, pompous Aaron Brown to stop calling the Taliban “smart”. They are not smart I suggest CNN invest in a dictionary because the word they are looking for is “cunning”. The Taliban are cunning, like jackals, hyenas, and wolverines. They are sneaky and ruthless, and when confronted, they are cowardly. They are hateful, malevolent parasites who create nothing and destroy everything else.

Smart? Bullshit! Yeah, they’re real smart, Most can’t read, but they’ve spent their entire lives listening to Imams telling them about only one book (and not a very good one, as books go). They consider hygiene and indoor plumbing to be products of the devil. They’re still trying to figuring out how to work a Bic lighter. Talking to a Taliban warrior about improving his quality of life is like trying to teach an ape how to hold a pen. Eventually he just gets frustrated and sticks you in the eye with it.

OK, enough. Snuffle will be up soon, so I have to get back to my hole. Covering my tracks in the snow takes a lot of practice, but I’m good at it.

Please, I tell you and my fellow Americans to turn off the TV sets and move on with your lives. The story line you are getting from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and other liberal news agencies is utter bullshit and designed not to deliver truth but rather to keep you glued to the screen so you will watch the next commercial. We’ve got this one under control. The worst thing you guys can do right now is sit around analyzing what we’re doing over here. You have no idea what we’re doing, and you really don’t want to know. We are your military, and we are only doing what you sent us here to do.

From a Jack Recon Marine in Afghanistan, Semper Fi.

“Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps is paying most of your share”.

Arrowhead Towne Mall and a Pedophile Logo?

Arrowhead Town Center is a mall in Glendale, AZ, proudly in business for over 20 years. Two stories high, Arrowhead has a variety of stores from Apple to Coach to Chipotle to JC Penny.

In light of recent events connected with convicted pedophile, Jeff Epstein to Anthony Weiner, John Podesta, the Clinton camp, and the sweeping of pedophile rings, the public is becoming more aware of the tactics and symbols used by pedophile rings.

So what does this have to do with Arrowhead Towne Center? Instead of telling you, I will show you.

Below are the FBI documented symbols that pedophiles use as one tool to communicate with one another. These symbols began to be documented in the late eighties and early nineties, approximately twenty plus years ago. Arrowhead chose one such symbol. Coincidence? Accident? Anything is as possible as displaying the impossible right in plain sight.

A scout in Glendale noticed an interesting connection with Arrowhead’s logo. In fact, it is plastered everywhere. Well, see for yourself.

I contacted Macerich, the company which owns Arrowhead Towne Center, by way of email, asking them if they would like to provide a statement regarding the use of this symbol as their logo.

Their VP of Corporate Communications offered this statement:

Good afternoon, Karen. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Arrowhead Towne Center has used this logo for more than 20 years. Recently we were made aware of the similarity and, as we do not condone any association, are discussing next steps internally.”

Karen Maurer | AVP, Corporate Communications

I must admit I was expecting a different response. Expertly studied in the linguistics of innocence, I thought surely, Arrowhead would insist that the logo was a representation of the native culture of the area and insist that any similarity was merely coincidence. What would sunshine rays around an arrowhead represent?

Instead, they are seemingly willing and considering pouring a decent amount of money into possibly changing something they’ve displayed for twenty years, a convenient timeline. This would entail changing all of their signage, letterhead and so much more.

Furthermore, a search of registered sex offenders in the area is alarmingly high.

First, note the color code reference that is yellow and what offense it represents.

Now a map of how many sex offenders are residing in the vicinity of this mall and how many of them are convicted rapists (check the chart above for yellow). Another coincidence? Or a center for a pedophile ring?

There is Peoria Eighty Three’s odd collage advertisement.

And to top it off, there are the Montessori schools not too far away from Arrowhead:

Heritage Montessori School

Sunset Montessori School

Again, coincidence? Absolutely possible. There is no official, factual connection. To be objective, this is merely a look at a symbol that is questionable.

According to City Data research of Arizona and other state lists there were 188 registered sex offenders living in Glendale as of February 17, 2017.

I urge those of you who support this cause to look closely into your community. Do so with eyes of clarity and an awareness of your intuition, as opposed to paranoia or panic. If we stay educated and aware, we will stay on their toes.

As for Arrowhead, I accuse them of nothing except having an all too similar symbol as their logo. I also wonder if there are tunnels beneath the mall. Just a curiousity.

Karen Donovan

freelance writer