Arrowhead Towne Mall and a Pedophile Logo?

Arrowhead Town Center is a mall in Glendale, AZ, proudly in business for over 20 years. Two stories high, Arrowhead has a variety of stores from Apple to Coach to Chipotle to JC Penny.

In light of recent events connected with convicted pedophile, Jeff Epstein to Anthony Weiner, John Podesta, the Clinton camp, and the sweeping of pedophile rings, the public is becoming more aware of the tactics and symbols used by pedophile rings.

So what does this have to do with Arrowhead Towne Center? Instead of telling you, I will show you.

Below are the FBI documented symbols that pedophiles use as one tool to communicate with one another. These symbols began to be documented in the late eighties and early nineties, approximately twenty plus years ago. Arrowhead chose one such symbol. Coincidence? Accident? Anything is as possible as displaying the impossible right in plain sight.

A scout in Glendale noticed an interesting connection with Arrowhead’s logo. In fact, it is plastered everywhere. Well, see for yourself.

I contacted Macerich, the company which owns Arrowhead Towne Center, by way of email, asking them if they would like to provide a statement regarding the use of this symbol as their logo.

Their VP of Corporate Communications offered this statement:

Good afternoon, Karen. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Arrowhead Towne Center has used this logo for more than 20 years. Recently we were made aware of the similarity and, as we do not condone any association, are discussing next steps internally.”

Karen Maurer | AVP, Corporate Communications

I must admit I was expecting a different response. Expertly studied in the linguistics of innocence, I thought surely, Arrowhead would insist that the logo was a representation of the native culture of the area and insist that any similarity was merely coincidence. What would sunshine rays around an arrowhead represent?

Instead, they are seemingly willing and considering pouring a decent amount of money into possibly changing something they’ve displayed for twenty years, a convenient timeline. This would entail changing all of their signage, letterhead and so much more.

Furthermore, a search of registered sex offenders in the area is alarmingly high.

First, note the color code reference that is yellow and what offense it represents.

Now a map of how many sex offenders are residing in the vicinity of this mall and how many of them are convicted rapists (check the chart above for yellow). Another coincidence? Or a center for a pedophile ring?

There is Peoria Eighty Three’s odd collage advertisement.

And to top it off, there are the Montessori schools not too far away from Arrowhead:

Heritage Montessori School

Sunset Montessori School

Again, coincidence? Absolutely possible. There is no official, factual connection. To be objective, this is merely a look at a symbol that is questionable.

According to City Data research of Arizona and other state lists there were 188 registered sex offenders living in Glendale as of February 17, 2017.

I urge those of you who support this cause to look closely into your community. Do so with eyes of clarity and an awareness of your intuition, as opposed to paranoia or panic. If we stay educated and aware, we will stay on their toes.

As for Arrowhead, I accuse them of nothing except having an all too similar symbol as their logo. I also wonder if there are tunnels beneath the mall. Just a curiousity.

Karen Donovan

freelance writer


4 thoughts on “Arrowhead Towne Mall and a Pedophile Logo?

  1. jerujoca says:

    I just went to the mall today and noticed this. If it was incidental I hope they still go through the burden of changing the logo. It sends out a bad message intentional or not.

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  2. I am so glad you did research on this, Karen! I live in the area and have noticed the symbol for the Arrowhead area many times since I moved back to Arizona. My question is, out of all the possible designs they could have used, why this one? Why not an actual arrowhead? Can’t afford a good graphic designer? By the way, too expensive to change signage might be the reason they will use to explain why they have not changed the symbol since your inquiry with Ms. Maurer, a year ago now. But if It were me, and I didn’t want to be associated with such a heinous crimes as pedophilia, I would go to great lengths to remove any similarity in design to it.

    I would be interested in knowing if there is a tunnel system underneath the mall as well. I have to do some job hunting at the mall this week. I might take a look around and photograph anything strange. But I will not force entry anywhere or trespass into areas marked as such. I will conduct myself as any normal patron of the mall. I want to be a part of purging our communities of this crime. This is my cause. When I was about 10 years old, I was nearly molested by a man at another mall in the Valley. I got away from him when I realized what he was trying to do, but it scared the life out of me and it makes me want to do something for all the children who are being hurt and violated. Pedogate starts at the top: in government, media and entertainment and works it’s way down. Those hundreds of thousands of children that go missing every year are kids in our communities, worldwide that the elite pedophiles are sourcing for their sick crimes. I think if we all get involved and do whatever we can, we can not only expose this problem to our communities of sleeping sheeple, but we can stop these crimes against children!

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  3. Janine Manley says:

    I had lunch with a friend in this area today. I noticed the logo on the store signs near the street and was thinking and discussing the same points Karen made in this blog post. This logo should be changed immediately if they don’t want to be associated with crimes against children. Thank you Karen for your research and efforts.

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  4. Thank you for taking the time to read and validate the oddity of these symbols. Feel free to continue sharing this research with the management there. I feel they’ve had ample time to contact the FBI to verify the symbols, as well as consider a signeage change for the sake of ethics. I plan to do a follow up email to them. Maybe some complaints from local parents as well as a story by a local journalist might spurn a deeper probe. It quite chaps my ass that they seemingly are so blatantly in the open, if it is, in fact, what it appears, and they have no accountability.

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